Phyn and Aero has introduced their first doll, Annora Monet! Click on the link above. This is a very exciting time for the new company. There will still be lots more to come in 2017, so stay tuned.

Some of the products still to come this year from Tonner Doll are Jazz Jennings, Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Mary Astor, Fantastic Beasts, Gone With the Wind, Wizard of Oz and Outlander.  Look for some of them in late summer and early fall.

The Tonner reference and search engine is still being updated from time to time.  The photos of the fashion dolls A to Z have been updated, as well as the fashion men, all female outfits from 1999 to 2004, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, all of the Fairy Tales, all of the Movies, and all of the American Models. All 2015 items have been added now too.  2016 items will be updated as soon as possible.

We will be including Phyn & Aero products in our Tonner reference and sales pages.