There are some Toy Fair sneak peeks on the Tonner page. We are not taking pre-orders until the information is officially released.

We are also not taking pre-orders for Jamie Fraser until he is officially released from Tonner. He will still be a little while, as the factory closes for a bit from Chinese New Year on Feb. 16.

Be sure to look at the bottom of the Tonner page, as we have several pre-owned items for sale.

Some of the products still to come from Tonner Doll are Jazz Jennings, Mary Astor, Fantastic Beasts, Gone With the Wind, and Wizard of Oz.

The Tonner search engine and name files have been completely updated up to 2017. Outfit pictures from 2005 and 2006 are now updated. 2007 forward is now in the works. One new feature is that you can search SOME outfits by color in the search engine now. More coding is in process for that as well.

We will be including Phyn & Aero products in our Tonner reference and sales pages.