My personal Game of Thrones collection is now up for sale.  You can see the pictures and information HERE.  Tyrion is now on ebay, item # 282048220865.

Also included in the sale is the Iron Throne prop shown below.  It is on ebay but it is cheaper if you email me directly.


The Tonner reference and search engine is still being updated from time to time.  The photos of the fashion dolls A to Z have been updated, as well as the fashion men, all female outfits from 1999 to 2004, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, all of the Fairy Tales, all of the Movies, and all of the American Models. All 2015 items have been added now too.

We have no current Tonner merchandise for sale, but we will be adding some used items to the site after the Game of Thrones dolls are gone.