Consignment Corner
Items on this page have been previously owned and
loved, and are looking for new homes.   

Dolls and Outfits

Pregnant Midge, NRFB
Face here

Goodbye New York
Production Sample
Face here

Face here

Red Hot Tyler
BW, Face here

Spice Antoinette on Tyler body
Face here

Prim OF

Bubble Ballroom Glinda
BW, Face here

Metroglamour Skirts
$20 for both

Sinister Circus
Giggles, Face here

Black Cowboy Hat for Matt (White sold)

Almost completed AM Corset

Matt T-Shirt

Fake Fur

FM Rhett Butler OF

Blue/Black Snake Pants for Tyler


Rug Prop
5" X 3.5"

Outft from 22"
Porcelain Doll

Louise Hay
Power Cards, New


Hair Chalk
(for humans)

10 Dollhouse Siding Pieces