Consignment Corner
Items on this page have been previously owned and
loved, and are looking for new homes.   

Dolls and Outfits

Gene Moments to Remember NRFB
Face here

Blushing Queen
Face here

Partial Regina Gift Set
Face here
Outfit $50
Doll  $60

Gene Champagne Flight
Face here

Stands, $1 each
(Have 3 of the one on the right)

Will Turner Repainted Head  $140

Wu FR stands
$1.50 each

Cool Leather
Black Set NRFB


Merengue Set

Roadster Jacket

Caribbean Stripe Coat

Emerald City Cosmopolitan

Firefly Book

DAE Star Maker

Kaiser Stands for 12"
$1 each
(Have 15 dark, 5 lighter)

DAE Business Call

Steampunk Hat

2 Bowls Chili and Pot

Doll Hangers

Wii Fit Plus
Balance Board plus a controller, New

I Love DeeAnna
Mint in Box

Ceramic Tea Tray

Hair Chalk
(for humans)

2 Outfits for 12" Dolls
$10 for both

Tonner 10th Anniversary Pin