We will be at the Tonner convention May 28 - 31.  You can still email but response time may be slower.  The convention reference pages will not be done this time until after our return.

Next to arrive:  Garden Walk, Spring Flowers, Crazy Nights and Little Alice. 

Now in stock: Diana OF, Beauty and Strength OF, and Jupiter Ascending Nude.

There are lots of new items in the Consignment Corner, and prices get lowered often on older things.

The Tonner reference and search engine is still being updated all the time.  The photos of the fashion dolls A to Z have been updated, as well as the fashion men, all female outfits from 1999 to 2004, Kitty Collier, Tiny Kitty, all of the Fairy Tales, all of the Movies, and all of the American Models.

Do you watch Game of Thrones?  I have been customizing some dolls for my personal collection, and I've made a web page for them.  You can see the first couple here.