Tonner, Effanbee and Phyn & Aero
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Fashion Females

Agatha Primrose, Aiko, Angelina, Anne Harper, Annora Monet, Antoinette, Ashleigh, Ava,
Ava Gardner

Bette Davis, Betty Ann, Breathless Mahoney, Brenda Starr, Cami Malone, Carmen Dell'Orefice, Carol Barrie, Carrie Chan, Celebration, Charlotte, Cinderella

Daphne Dimples, DeeAnna Denton, DeDe Denton, Deja Vu, Diane Evans/Friday Foster, Duchess, Emilie, Emme, Esme

Gina, Glinda, Helen Kish, Jac, Jane, Joan Crawford, Jonquil Parker, Kadira, Kassie, Kit, Lana Lang, Layne, Liu Liu, Lois Lane, Louise Devereaux

Magnolia, Marilyn Monroe, Marley Wentworth, Mary Astor, Mei Li, Mera, Miette, Models #3 and #6, Monica Merrill

One of a Kind

Patricia Holt, Peggy Harcourt, Pin Up, Precarious, Regina, Renee Devereaux, Shauna/Sweetheart, Stella, Suzette, Tess

Sydney Chase

Tyler Wentworth  1999 - 2004

Tyler Wentworth  2005 - Present

Fashion Males

Andy Mills, Basil St. John, Charlie Dodgson, Cole, Deja Vu, James Collins, James Dean, Jeremy Voss, Matt O'Neill, Russell Williams, Sean O'Neill, Simon Chase, Yoshio

Male Outfits

Fashion Outfits


Included Accessories

16" Fashion Outfits 1999 - 2003

16" Fashion Outfits 2004

16" Fashion Outfits 2005

16" Fashion Outfits 2006

16" Fashion Outfits 2007 -Present

Other 16" Outfits (Antoinette, Chic, Small Bust, Starlet)

DeeAnna Denton,
Emme, Other Plus Size Outfits

Other Fashion Sizes

American Model

Kitty Collier, Simone Rouge,
Tiny Kitty


2010 Tonner Convention

2010 Tonner Halloween Convention

2011 Tonner Convention

2011 Tonner Halloween Convention 

2012 Tonner Convention

2013 Tonner Convention

2014 Tonner Convention

2015 Tonner Convention

2016 Tonner Convention

Fantasy, Fairy Tales, Storybooks

Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, Agnes Dreary, Angels

Cinderella, Disney Showcase, Effanbee Classics, Flights of Fancy, Ghosts of Christmas, Halloween, Kickits, Let Them Eat Cake

Fairytales, Luna and the Martians, Mrs. Claus, Re-Imagination, Sinister Circus, The Gift, The Snow Queen, Tyler's Wedding 

Comic Books

Captain Action, DC Stars, Dick Tracy, Friday Foster, Lara Croft, Marvel Universe

Movies, Stage, TV, Books

Avatar, Bewitched, Big Bang Theory, Chicago, A Christmas Story, Chronicles of Narnia, Clash of the Titans, Davy Crockett, Dr. Seuss, Doctor Who, Dreamgirls, Firefly, Get Smart, Golden Compass

Gone With the Wind, Hardy Boys, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Janet Lennon, Jonah Hex, Jupiter Ascending, Last Mimzy

Lord of the Rings, Mary Poppins, Memoirs of a Geisha, Memphis,  Miss Piggy, Nancy Drew, New York City and Tonner Ballet, Outlander, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean

Prince of Persia, Princess Diaries, Shakespeare, Showboat,  Tim Burton, Torchwood, Tron, Twilight, Vampire Diaries, Warm Bodies, White Christmas, Willy Wonka, Zombie Boy

Wizard of Oz